Sharing a personal story

Who remembers the crash of 2007? I certainly do.

It was the year I lost my business of 17 years; it was the year I got cancer; it was the year I lost my identity in terms of a work role.  Who was I if I no longer was a business owner; it was all I had known from a young age?  


When I was 18 I left school and didn’t go to university, instead I travelled to America for a couple of years as an independent young woman and then when I returned home, I opened a business with my partner. And then after 17 years disaster happened.  I had to hold tight, regain focus and eventually find a pathway, to go to university in my 40s aargh!! 

The reason for this story, like so many others of today who are now losing jobs, businesses, financial independence and possibly independence, I want you to know that it is tough! I also want you to know that you will get through it.  By sheer determination, I made my way back! 

People had previously asked me ‘What is your passion/purpose in life?’ but I never knew growing up, I just fell into things. This journey was different, because for the first time in my adult life I had to dig deep!!  The irony is that it is the first line of a programme I have been able to create helping others to fulfil their purpose/passion. 


I learnt that I am good at hearing others, really listening and connecting with their story and what it means to them. The journey has led me to become the person I am today; the person who has helped hundreds of people to overcome their adversities to lead a life that is enriched and rewarding to them. 

My role has allowed me to be part of shared stories, my reward is seeing people taking back control and having confidence to do what they are meant to be doing.  Empowerment can be shared, and I love watching their power grow through our work together. 

This is my new journey and even though I can look back and feel some sadness for what was lost, I have a greater sense that this was my calling.  As a human race we all have resilience within, sometimes it gets a little lost but finding the right person to help you regain your power is only a message away. 

Reach out, step out, do not be afraid, you will never know until you do where your journey will take you!! 

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