The Mindset Reset 3 Day Challenge

“Master your overwhelm and reset the behaviours that are holding you back!”

What you get with Counselling with Alison Hughes

I have over 10 years experience, I’m accredited and insured to practice privately.

I have met all ethical criteria to ensure you receive the best support.

Not satisfied with your first consultation? You have the choice to not continue.

How it Works

Book a consultation online and tell me what you are having difficulty with.

I offer availability suited to your needs.

Meet me and begin the road to self-improvement.

Quality Standards

Alison has trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in Northern Ireland. Alison is registered with:

Accredited Voluntary Register

Client Review


My first encounter with Alison was in December 2017.  I contacted her through her website where I managed to get contact details.  At that point I was at the lowest I have ever been.  For years I have suffered from health anxiety and general anxiety, but always managed to keep it somewhat under control or so I thought.  Last year everything came to a head for me, I was unable to leave the house, I felt sick all the time, I was having major panic attacks and my world was slowly closing in around me.

Thankfully I found Alison, truly she has helped me turn my life around.  The centre is very private, the surroundings are welcoming and peaceful and most importantly of all the help I received from Alison was outstanding.

My life has changed so much, in August I went on holiday to Portugal with my family, this would have been totally unimaginable less than a year ago.  Alison has taught me how to change my thinking and given me the tools I need to manage any negative or anxious thoughts.  If you need help of any kind, I cannot recommend Alison  highly enough.  I will always be truly thankful for all the help, support and guidance I have received.

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