Your Counsellor

Alison Hughes 

I offer a professional, warm and confidential counselling service to help people resolve their issues, enabling them to live a more effective and satisfying life without anxiety.

I have experience working in different Health Trusts with adults and young people who are experiencing Anxiety/Depression through issues such as work-related stress, bullying in the workplace/school, low self -esteem/confidence, social anxiety, relationship difficulties, abuse through neglect, physical, sexual, or financial, grief with loss/bereavement and trauma.


The testimonials from my clients confirm that they have felt safe to explore their deepest fears. They also expressed that they had built a relationship with me, which invited them to share their story without fear of judgement. I feel the relationship that is created in the counselling room must be built on equality and trust and from that, we begin the to take the first steps of letting go.

Quality Standards

Alison has trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in Northern Ireland. Alison is registered with:

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