Counselling With Alison Hughes was established in 2012


I identified a need in the local area for a private counselling service due to waiting lists within the NHS being so long. I felt that people were not receiving help at the right time when it was needed most. People could then make the choice to either wait on the services provided by the NHS or they could be seen within a matter of days after making contact.

My ethos is to offer you a space to explore, process and reflect on your needs through counselling. This personal process will empower you to make informed choices and move forward in your life.


What you get with Counselling with Alison Hughes


I have over 10 years experience, I’m accredited and insured to practice privately.

I have met all ethical criteria to ensure you receive the best support.

Not satisfied with your first consultation? You have the choice to not continue.


How it Works

Book a consultation online and tell me what you are having difficulty with.

I offer availability suited to your needs.

Meet me and begin the road to self-improvement.

Quality Standards


Alison has trained in the UK’s most respected counselling institutions with years of experience in the NHS, private and charitable sectors in Northern Ireland. Alison is registered with:

Client Reviews

“Alison helped me recognise that many of my negative thought patterns were created by the ‘rules’ I had for myself and others. When myself or others failed to live up to these rules it led to feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Before I only focused on the ‘should’ and all the things I ‘should’ be doing. Now I realise that many of these ‘shoulds’ were making me unhappy. I now understand that my mental health is just as important as my physical health and one cannot be separated from the other. Alison helped me realise that my recent episodes of ill health were related to a boom/bust cycle and that my body was sending me warning signs I needed to listen to.”

“Alison has taught me how to change my thinking and given me the tools I need to manage any negative or anxious thoughts. If you need help of any kind, I cannot recommend Alison highly enough. I will always be truly thankful for all the help, support and guidance I have received.”

“Thanks to Alison, now I can focus on finding out what makes me happy and going after that. Alison helped me remember I have choices and more than that – I have opportunities and have much going for me. My focus is on loving myself and continuing to live a life I love and to enjoy it.”

“I am now at the next step in my life, really changing and implementing the things I want to see happen with my life and with the support there it’s happening. I’m becoming a better version of myself in life, with my family, friends and in work, having the confidence to create boundaries I am happy with.”

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