Finding your tribe

Building supportive relationships

Have you ever felt like you need more?

More friends, more support, more knowledge, and more time.

Are you searching for a supportive group of people who share your interests, values, and passions?

You’re not alone.

Finding your tribe – a community of like-minded individuals who support and inspire you – is a universal human desire.

In this blog, I’ll explore the importance of finding your tribe. I’ll also share practical tips for building a supportive community to help you and your business thrive.

I’ve met many wonderful people along my life’s journey who share a similar ethos and common goals. Some have become close friends. Others live in far-flung places and are virtual acquaintances and mentors – people I admire but have yet to meet in person.

I think of them all as my tribe.

Feeling connected

I love the sense of belonging to a group. If I need support and motivation, help is always at hand.

In our connected world, finding the information we need is easy. It can take time to sift through all the material and advice available; precious hours can be wasted working out what’s valid and valuable and what’s not.

Learning from a like-minded expert is far more rewarding than trawling through web search results. Your tribe should be filled with people you trust to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas.

Giving back to my tribe is also essential. It’s so fulfilling to have opportunities to share my knowledge, experience, expertise, and insight.

Are you looking for support to help you launch and grow a thriving well-being business?

If you want to start a private practice, it’s essential to find a tribe of supportive fellow business owners who can help you succeed. If you’ve launched your business as a well-being professional and want to grow, surround yourself with people who love to help.

Here are my 7 top tips for finding your perfect tribe:

  1. Put yourself out there

Attend events related to your industry or field to meet people who share your dreams and goals. Conferences are excellent opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and potential work partners.

Events and gatherings related to your interests or hobbies can also build great connections. Look for workshops, classes, festivals, or meetups. A simple ‘hello’ is all you need to say to connect with people looking for their tribe too!

  1. Join online communities

Online groups and social media platforms are full of fantastically supportive people. Choose groups that are relevant to your profession. Join in and connect with people with similar interests. Exchange ideas and share information. You’ll know when you find the right group. Look for a community that welcomes you and has plenty of participation.

Here’s the link to my new Facebook group for well-being professionals in private practice. Come on in and forge new friendships and connections.

  1. Professional networking meetings and platforms

The LinkedIn platform allows you to find people with similar backgrounds or interests in your business. You can search for people based on their skills, industry, or job title and send them a message to connect.

Search for networking meetings in your location on Eventbrite. Go along to a couple of meetings before you decide if the format is right for you. I love a walk-and-talk networking meeting. See if you can find something similar in your area. Outdoor networking meetings are a brilliant way to meet people and get a little exercise at the same time.

You’ll (almost) always meet fascinating people at networking events. Your new connections may become part of your tribe. Remember that every person you meet is a link to a broader audience. Many of the people you meet will know your ideal client and may want to introduce you!

  1. Seek out mentorship

Seeking mentorship from people who have achieved what you want to achieve can be an excellent way to find your tribe. Mentors can provide guidance, support, and motivation to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Use social media

Use social media apps like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to people connected with your business or the well-being industry. You can search for people using hashtags, join relevant groups, and engage with people who want to know more about your work.

  1. Be open-minded

We don’t know what we don’t yet know! Being open-minded and receptive to new experiences and people is essential when seeking out your tribe. Don’t be afraid to try new things or step outside your comfort zone. You won’t be alone. Everyone is searching for new connections.

  1. Embrace diversity

My tribe includes professionals in many fields, not only those in the well-being sector. Link up with a talented copywriter, an online business guru, and a knowledgeable accountant. Seek connections with an efficient virtual assistant and trustworthy entrepreneurs in other industries.

Being open to different perspectives and experiences can help you find your tribe. People from other professions, cultures and locations bring new ideas and perspectives to your life, helping you grow and learn.

Next steps

Once you find your tribe of supportive fellow business owners, make sure to nurture and cherish your relationships with them. Express your gratitude and reach out whenever you feel you can help. Give as much as you take.

Are you ready to build a bright and successful future in private practice?

My new Facebook group, Business strategies and coaching to build your private practice, is now LIVE!

Click the Join Group link and simply answer the 3 membership questions. Together we’ll find your tribe.


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